Puerto Rico

Mayor Gillum is proud to stand with our fellow citizens from Puerto Rico — both as they recover in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, and as they strive for better-paying jobs, better-funded schools, and a state that puts everyday people first.

Andrew’s proud to have the endorsement of Congressman Luis Gutierrez, who is retiring after this Congress to live in Puerto Rico. Gutierrez was the first Latino ever elected to Congress from Illinois and he has been an unflinching advocate for the Puerto Rican community.

As Governor, Andrew will stand in the gap for our Puerto Rican brothers and sisters, including using his platform as Governor to advocate for new federal legislation and assistance. Gillum is a strong supporter of ensuring FEMA’s Transitional Sheltering Assistance (TSA) program is expanded for Puerto Ricans who were forced to leave after Hurricane Maria.

Gillum will push for FEMA to initiate the Disaster Housing Assistance Program, which helped provide affordable housing for victims of Hurricane Katrina and Rita. He is a supporter of Senator Bill Nelson’s bill to initiate this program.

The Gillum Administration will push for licensing reciprocity in professional trades and higher education, as well as move for Florida to recognize Puerto Rican drivers licenses so that Puerto Ricans can return to their normal daily lives as soon as possible.

Affordable housing remains a significant, long-term problem in Florida, and Puerto Ricans have suffered greatly due to the constant raids on the Sadowski Housing Trust Fund. As Governor, Andrew will stop these raids and ensure the affordable housing is available, including advocating for local housing authorities to consider waiving rental eligibility requirements for those displaced by natural disasters.

Gillum will also increase the number of disaster assistance case managers across the state, and ensure that these managers are highly-integrated in their local communities so that citizens get the assistance they deserve. As part of his commitment to higher education, Andrew will provide free 2-year and 4-year college tuition for displaced Puerto Ricans.

Under Governor Gillum, Florida will be a welcoming place for all people, especially our fellow American citizens from Puerto Rico. We must never waver in our commitment to that community.