LGBTQ Equality

Andrew has always been a staunch supporter of LGBT rights during his years as a public leader. As a City Commissioner, Gillum led the charge to expand domestic partner health benefits from City employees. As Mayor, when at least a dozen Florida counties were refusing to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples in Florida, Gillum raised his voice in opposition and extended an invitation for couples to get married in Florida’s Capital City.

Despite the tremendous victory for equal rights that was achieved when the Supreme Court made same-sex marriage a constitutional right in the United States, there still remains much work ahead to advance equality for LGBT Floridians. In Florida, gay, lesbian, and bisexual citizens may not be protected from discrimination in public or in the workplace from one county to the next. Transgender Floridians may not have the right to use the restrooms that align with their gender identity depending on the community in which they find themselves.

As Governor, Andrew will work to address these issues through statewide policies that ensure equal treatment and equal rights for all Floridians from every corner of our state.