Andrew believes that healthcare should be a fundamental right, not a privilege. Instead, extreme politicians refuse to acknowledge that Floridians struggle every day to keep themselves and their families from going bankrupt due to the lack or cost of healthcare. Andrew believes that Senator Sanders’ Medicare for All plan will help lower costs and expand coverage to more Floridians. Gillum has promised to fight the new health care premium increases that are a result of President Trump, Rick Scott and Congressional Republicans trying to attack Obamacare.

The Trump Health Care Plan is disastrous, and Governor Rick Scott’s complicity in the development of this plan is unacceptable. Trumpcare is nothing more than a tax cut for millionaires and a rise in costs for everyone else. Hundreds of thousands of seniors would pay more for coverage and women who rely on Planned Parenthood will be denied coverage. Nearly 1.8 million Floridians stand to lose their healthcare by 2026 and it slashes Medicaid and Medicare.

Florida never received the opportunity to benefit from the full impact of the Affordable Care Act due to Governor Scott’s refusal to extend Medicaid to over 1 million Floridians. As Governor, Andrew will work to expand Medicaid and strengthen the Affordable Care Act. Andrew has proposed passing a Florida law protecting people with pre-existing conditions from being denied coverage, being charged more for their care due to a pre-existing condition, or women being charged more than men. He was also the only candidate who proposed a law protecting women’s access to no-cost contraceptive care under Obamacare.

As Governor, Andrew will restore Floridians’ healthcare security — the knowledge that if something horrible happens to a loved one that they’ll be taken care of. The knowledge that if they were born with a genetic disorder or chronic illness, that they won’t be denied coverage, or face the inhumane choice between bankruptcy or healthcare.

With that security comes an entire economy of good-paying jobs around it. People visit their doctor; they speak with a nurse or specialist; they undergo a test or a scan — those all require skilled workers, machines, and facilities. As Governor, Andrew will restore healthcare security and rebuild our economy so that more Floridians have good-paying jobs in helping care for one another.