Andrew believes that a quality, public education is still the best path to equal opportunity, but Florida’s education reform has been a failure. Our education system has failed our children, our parents, our teachers and our state. High stakes testing and teaching to the test does not show us what our kids know – just how well they test. It grades our students and our teachers for all the ills of society, and does too little to make sure that our kids arrive at school ready to learn.

Andrew believes that instead of demonizing our teachers, we should be supporting them and paying them fairly to do one of the most difficult jobs on Earth – to mold, shape, and develop humanity. As Governor, Andrew would work to rebuild Florida’s education system so that we begin earlier to make sure our kids are kindergarten ready. At the third grade, we should have 100% of our kids in our state reading at grade level and as they progress, they learn critical thinking skills to compete.

When our children graduate from high school they should have access to training for a career or a college education that won’t leave them with crippling debt. As Governor, Andrew would focus on making college debt free and encouraging businesses to share responsibility for educating the workforce they want to hire.

We need to invest in “SHOP 2.0” – a revitalization of vocational training in our public schools. We must integrate computer education into all of our vocational programs so that students can learn the skills they need to build a career and support a family.