Economy and Jobs

Nearly half of Florida’s households struggle to make ends meet, and as the son of a bus driver and construction worker, Andrew knows firsthand what it’s like to have your parents choose between which bills to pay before a service gets cut off.

As Governor, he will address the devastating inequality that has hurt our working families, who are forced to live paycheck to paycheck and feel that the opportunity to get ahead isn’t available to them anymore. Andrew has proposed the “Fair Share for Florida’s Future” Plan to finally make real investments in our public schools and working families — and ask the richest corporations to pay a little more of their fair share.

By adjusting our state corporate tax level to a modest 7.75%, which allows our richest corporations to receive a tax cut and keeps our corporate tax rate more than 1% lower than California, we’ll be able to recoup at least $1 billion and put it where we need it most — investing in our future.

The “Fair Share” plan calls for rebuilding our public schools, paying teachers a minimum starting salary of $50,000, investing in early childhood education programs, and investing in SHOP 2.0 and vocational training to help get workers the training they need for higher paying jobs. He wants to help working families get ahead, including pushing for family-friendly policies like paid family leave that help workers take care of their families.

Under Andrew’s leadership, Tallahassee is the fastest-growing economy per capita in Florida, and President Obama designated Tallahassee a TechHire city — at the time, one of 50 in the country and one of only two in the state of Florida — for being a leader in training workers to have advanced technical skills. He led Tallahassee’s successful push to become one of the only cities in Florida to eliminate the local business tax, saving businesses over $2 million per year, and inserted over $5 million back into local businesses through a utility rebate program.

Andrew took the lead on preparing for the future economy by welcoming innovative technology. He crafted policy templates for ridesharing and home-sharing that are mirrored around Florida.

Andrew believes that the Sunshine State should become the Solar Capital of the country, putting Floridians to work in jobs that cannot be outsourced overseas. A Gillum administration will also push for a plan for Florida’s economic future that doesn’t rely on tourism alone, but maximizes all the assets of our state, including our best asset — our people — to build Florida’s future economy.