Gillum Calls on DeSantis & Trump to Stop Undermining FBI, Continues Transparency Efforts in Tallahassee with Receipts

Gillum Calls on DeSantis & Trump to Stop Undermining FBI,
Continues Transparency Efforts in Tallahassee with Receipts

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Tallahassee Mayor and Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Andrew Gillum today called on Congressman Ron DeSantis and President Donald Trump to stop undermining the FBI’s probe into Russian electoral collusion and interference.

“The FBI has a job to do — and whether it’s Washington D.C. or Florida, Congressman DeSantis and President Trump should allow the agency to do its work,” said Gillum. “Here in Florida, we’ve done everything we can to aide the agency, while Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump have done the exact opposite — demonizing the FBI and making the case that collusion is not a crime. It has to end.”

Following up on his promise made during the primary campaign, Gillum also released his receipts from personal trips to New York City and Costa Rica, as well as his calendar entries during those trips. This is in addition to unprecedented email and searchable calendars released previously this year to news media and the public.

On Tuesday morning, Gillum met with the Florida Commission on Ethics, accompanied by his personal attorney Barry Richard of Greenberg Traurig. The campaign will refer further questions on that proceeding to the Florida Commission on Ethics.

View the documents here:
New York City

Costa Rica — 1

Costa Rica — 2

Background Facts:

Mayor Gillum has an unblemished public service record, and he is not a subject of the FBI investigation or any other investigation. Mayor Gillum is committed to rooting out any corruption or wrongdoing in Tallahassee.

The FBI is pursuing an investigation of another elected official — while no subpoenas have been issued for Gillum or any of his aides. During the investigation, Mayor Gillum pushed for unprecedented transparency in posting the records online for the public to review. He has worked to restore accountability and trust for Tallahasseans.

One of the attorneys involved with the case said: “I took a client before the grand jury and they didn’t ask one question about the Mayor,” Andrews said he told a Washington Post reporter. “The mayor’s name never came up.”

Situational Facts — New York City Trip:

Gillum traveled to New York City on Tuesday, August 9 for a meeting of the Open Society Foundation through his job at People for the American Way Foundation.

Gillum stayed at the Ameritania Hotel from Tuesday, August 9 to the morning of Thursday, August 11. On Thursday night he stayed with his brother at the Millennium Hotel.

He met a group including his brother Marcus Gillum, Adam Corey and two other individuals on Thursday, August 11. Marcus Gillum gave Mayor Gillum a ticket to see “Hamilton” that night. After the trip, Mayor Gillum learned Marcus Gillum had obtained that ticket in a swap with Adam Corey for a concert ticket.

On Friday, August 12, the group took a boat trip in New York Harbor, and Mayor Gillum returned to Tallahassee that afternoon.

Situational Facts — Costa Rica Trip:

Gillum and his wife R. Jai traveled to Jacksonville and then Costa Rica as part of a birthday celebration for her on Wednesday, May 4. Mayor Gillum and his wife returned to Tallahassee on Sunday, May 8.

They were part of a group of approximately a dozen people who stayed at Villa Paraiso. The group’s combined lodging for approximately one dozen adults cost $1,400 per night.

Mayor Gillum and his wife paid cash for their portions of the group lodging (similar to how someone might pay someone back if a reservation was booked on Airbnb), and paid by credit card for other outings.

Per normal procedure, Corey sent Gillum an official calendar invitation for a meeting in Tallahassee on May 16, 2016. Gillum agreed to the meeting in order to discuss City business.

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