As Sanders Endorses, Gillum Allies Across Florida Praise Gillum as Unifying Leader

As Sanders Endorses, Gillum Allies Across Florida Praise Gillum as Unifying Leader

The Andrew Gillum for Governor Campaign released the following statements today from party leaders across Florida:

Central Florida:
“Mayor Andrew Gillum is uniting Florida’s Democratic Party, and I’m proud to stand with him. He is the progressive leader Florida needs as our next Governor.” — Rep. Kamia Brown

“In 2018, we need to nominate a Democrat for Governor who has the progressive vision, energy and record to motivate voters who sat out previous elections. Like Bernie, Mayor Gillum has never shied away from his progressive values and he is the candidate who can unite this party and consolidate a winning coalition this November.” — Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith

“I have been active in Florida politics for many years, and in that time Mayor Gillum stands apart as one who unifies us. In 2018, he is showing Floridians every what it means to live, govern, and campaign as a progressive. I am both excited and proud to stand with him in his race for Governor.” — Nancy Jacobson, State Committeewoman, Orange County

South Florida:
“Senator Sanders called for a political revolution, and that’s exactly what we will get by nominating Mayor Andrew Gillum. We need candidates across this country to improve the lives of marginalized people. With Andrew Gillum primed to win in August and November, we will finally have a governor who would invest in our communities and put our people first.” — Rep. Shevrin Jones

“I know Mayor Gillum’s record and character, and he’s the progressive leader that is finally going to take Florida back for working people. New Florida Majority is proud to stand with him in this race for Governor.” — Former Senator Dwight Bullard

Southwest Florida:
“I’m proud to stand with Mayor Gillum in this race. He’ll fight to stop the gun violence epidemic that has hurt too many of our communities. He’s the kind of leader we need to unify the Florida Democratic Party and take back the Governor’s Mansion.” — St. Petersburg Council Chair Lisa Wheeler-Bowman

Northeast Florida:
“Mayor Gillum is uniting Floridians in a way that I have rarely seen in two decades of public life. He has an uncommon gift to make every single person — whether they’re going to vote for him or not — feel welcome and respected. He has bold, ambitious plans for our state, and I’m proud to stand with him in this race for Governor.” — Breast cancer awareness advocate and former First Coast News Anchor Donna Deegan

Key Points:

Mayor Gillum is honored to have the endorsement of Senator Bernie Sanders in this race to take back Florida for working people.

With Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump’s hand-chosen pick, closing in on the GOP nomination, Florida Democrats need a nominee who can unite every corner of the Democratic Party in November.

Mayor Gillum has support from every wing of the Democratic Party — from progressive leaders like Senator Sanders and groups like Indivisible, to two Members of Congress, two former Florida Democratic Chairs, and dozens of state and local elected officials. Mayor Gillum spoke on-stage and campaigned for Secretary Clinton in 2016, and proudly endorsed her in that race.

Gillum has stood up for progressive values and ideas, like Medicare-for-All, a $15 minimum wage, welcoming immigrants and refugees to America, paying teachers and public school staff what they’re worth, and beating the NRA twice.

Mayor Gillum’s earning major national and Florida attention, including the endorsement of NextGen America and Tom Steyer, who recently committed at least $1 million towards Gillum’s efforts, and Indivisible, one of the nation’s most active grassroots organizations.

Here in Florida, Mayor Gillum’s recently earned the support of State Attorney Aramis Ayala, the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida (DBCF), the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida (DPCF), the Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC), and New Florida Majority.

Recently, Gillum won three straw polls in diverse areas across the state, including Orange County, St. Johns County, and Broward County.

Gillum has been the candidate to watch across the country, earning endorsements from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), Working Families Party (WFP), National Nurses Union (NNU), Congressman Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, a major champion of Puerto Rico.