STATEMENT: As Trump Visits, Gillum Touts $1 Billion Education Plan to Recoup Tax Losses

STATEMENT: As Trump Visits, Gillum Touts $1 Billion Education Plan to Recoup Tax Losses

HIALEAH, Fla.Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum released the following statement today:

“When I’m Governor, we’ll invest $1 billion in our public schools, students, and teachers and put the President’s disastrous tax giveaway to work. Under my “Fair Share for Florida’s Future” Plan, we’ll ask our richest corporations to invest a fraction of their windfall under this new law into our state’s education and workforce. For too long, Florida Republicans have forced working people to pay too heavy a tax burden instead of the richest corporations — meanwhile, my Democratic opponents have stood by silently. I will put an end to that as Governor in 2019.”

In Florida, a 2015 report said that only 3% of Florida businesses paid any corporate income tax in the most recent year that records were available — those that do pay only 5.5% — lower than bordering states Alabama and Georgia. These large corporations will pay about $6.2 billion less in federal taxes this year.

The “Fair Share for Florida’s Future” Plan:

  • Adjusts the state corporate income tax rate on large corporations to 7.75%.
  • Invests the added recurring revenue in:
    • At least $100 million in public school construction in the PECO (Public Education Capital Outlay) Fund, a year after Republicans’ disastrous H.B. 7069 legislation.
    • At least $400 million in pay raises for public school teachers
    • At least $250 million in early childhood education programs including standardizing providers’ information
    • At least $100 million in SHOP 2.0/Vocational Training including higher education extension courses for adults and expanded technology classes in high schools

In 1970, Sen. Reubin Askew campaigned for Governor on his “Fair Share Tax Program” to establish Florida’s state corporate tax, earning him a reputation as a “progressive reformer.” Mayor Gillum, known for “speaking from that true progressive playbook,” in January released his “Fair Share for Florida’s Future” plan. Read more about the plan here on Medium.